Fundibu Insights App Privacy Policy

Fundibu, LLC is a digital marketing agency. We provide consulting services for a number of business clients.

We created the Fundibu Insights Facebook app (APP ID: 564977360531754) to automate some of the steps involved in generating reports for our clients. The app exists only so that we can use the Graph API via a Python script to fetch Facebook Insights data on our clients' behalf. No one outside of Fundibu, LLC interacts with the app.

For each client, we gather the following information:


  • page_impressions
  • page_impressions_organic
  • page_impressions_paid
  • page_consumptions


  • campaign_name
  • impressions
  • spend
  • total_action_value
  • actions
    • page_engagement
    • offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_purchase
    • offsite_conversion

Our Python script outputs the data in CSV format grouped by calendar month, and we then use that data to generate charts so we can show our clients the results of their Facebook marketing efforts.